Fausto Guillen Biography

Fausto Guillen-Valdovinos is a Process Engineer at the Boeing Company Commercial Airplanes Division, where he is responsible for Developing and Integrating Business and Enterprise Architecture for the Boeing Second Century Enterprise Systems for future Production Systems.

Previous position was in the Boeing Information Systems Manufacturing Quality Systems, where he performed various manufacturing software lifecycle management assignments, from manufacturing software development testing, integrated testing, production deployment, production support, and software retirement.

United States Veteran, served 4 Years in active duty service, as a Naval Ships Propulsion Systems Engineer,

Hold a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineer, and a Minor’s in Mathematics from Washington State University.

Hobbies include staying active, play soccer (Associated Football), run, swim, and hike. Also like to work on cars and around the house.

Takes every chance to learn something new, no matter the challenges,

Likes to mentor and be a role model for newer generations, to inspire them and give them confidence that with dedication anything is possible. Favorite saying “ if someone has done it, I can too; if I try harder I can go farther”.