By Rosa Mendoza, President and CEO, ALLvanza

Bipartisan support for federal broadband programs is bringing affordable, high-speed internet service to millions of Americans in rural and other underserved communities. But even as the White House celebrates progress toward the vision of universal connectivity, one key cornerstone of this bipartisan progress — the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) — is only months away from running out of funding.

Unless Congress acts before the end of this year to extend the program’s funding, millions of low-income families could lose their on-ramp to the digital economy.

Democrats and Republicans worked together to ensure 2021’s bipartisan infrastructure bill included the resources to bring broadband to every community and connect every American. This bipartisan roadmap included $42 billion to fund rural broadband projects bringing high-speed internet to unserved areas, plus $14 billion to help low-income families connect to the internet for little to no out-of-pocket cost via the ACP.

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