Technology impacts every aspect of our lives and further evidence of that is the advent of telemedicine, which also more broadly illustrates the importance of being connected. With this in mind, ALLvanza advocates for programs that aim to make telemedicine available to underserved communities as they are critical to the well-being of vulnerable Americans, especially those in rural areas. Additionally, one group that ALLvanza particularly focuses on is veterans and we strongly support any programs that support those who have sacrificed for our country. For these reasons, ALLvanza is encouraged by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr’s work to advance a $100 million Connected Care Pilot Program to support telehealth for underserved Americans across the country, including rural communities and veterans

One of ALLvanza’s primary goals is to advocate to ensure everyone living in the United States has a right to affordable, reliable, and safe access to broadband Internet and all technology resources. We particularly focus on underserved communities as they stand to benefit the most from full and equal access to, and safe use of, the breadth and depth of technology and telecommunications resources. We believe that if Commissioner Carr’s proposal is executed responsibly and effectively, it could have a positive impact on the ability of those in rural areas to have access to quality healthcare, especially for managing chronic diseases.

We are encouraged by the FCC’s recognition of an innovative way to bring healthcare to rural areas and are even more encouraged that they are taking action. We stand ready to work with Commissioner Carr and provide advice and guidance on how to best execute this pilot in a way that has the greatest positive impact on underserved communities.