ALLvanza’s events

Policy Advocacy and Thought Leadership

Technological developments move extremely quickly and, at times, do not take into account how they will impact the rights, privacy, and other aspects of all stakeholders within the Internet ecosystem. ALLvanza fills this gap by being a convener of industry thought leaders and providing expert analysis about how new technological developments could impact Latino and other underserved communities.


Quarterly Policy Refreshes

Once per quarter, ALLvanza convenes industry thought leaders to engage in technology-enabled forum discussions focusing on current technology and telecommunications developments, announcements and policies with the goal of identifying actions and solutions for each stakeholder to take to positively impact Latinxs and other underserved communities.


Ad hoc/Quick Reaction Forums

ALLvanza leverages technology to be able to quickly establish an open line of communication to industry leaders, ALLvanza Board Members, advisors and mentors to discuss and analyze policy developments and formulate positions and determine an appropriate course of action.


Stakeholder Briefings

Similarly, ALLvanza leverages technology to quickly brief our stakeholders and provide information and insight to ensure they understand new developments, their rights, and/or how to fully take advantage of opportunities while protecting themselves from negative outcomes.

ALLvanza’s Launch Event