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Policy Advocacy and Thought Leadership

The rapid pace of developments in the innovation, technology and telecommunications industries mean that the need for smart, effective policy is a constant reality. It is critical that policy leaders—working closely with all stakeholders—move quickly and strategically to ensure that innovation and development serves all communities and protects our rights, our privacy and our wellbeing.  Too often, though, we have seen that in the rush to leverage innovation, Latinos and other underserved communities remain an afterthought in policy discussions. ALLvanza fills this gap by providing expert analysis and convening industry thought leaders for in-depth conversations specifically focused on issues of equity and inclusion. Our process does not just serve individuals at the margins: it leads to smarter policy and a more robust and diverse innovation ecosystem for everyone.

Policy Refreshes

ALLvanza draws on the expertise of industry thought leaders to facilitate discussions and strategy sessions where some of our most exciting innovators can exchange ideas about policies and developments in technology and telecommunications with the goal of identifying strategies that allow each stakeholder to positively impact Latinos and other underserved communities. Our convenings do not just represent a forum for fascinating conversations; they are aimed at making real changes that will make a profound difference in the lives of real people.

Ad hoc/Quick Reaction Forums

We know that innovation does not happen on an orderly schedule. That’s why ALLvanza has developed effective strategies for quickly establishing open lines of communication to industry leaders, ALLvanza Board Members, advisors and mentors to tackle important issues with the urgency they demand. Our rapid-response forums allow us to analyze policy and technological developments and formulate an appropriate course of action quickly and efficiently.

 Stakeholder Briefings

ALLvanza also provides in depth briefings on emerging policies and developments that will shape the technology, telecommunications and innovation industries for years to come. We use technology to brief our stakeholders and ensure they have access to the deep expertise they need to fully grasp the impact of new developments, protect their interests, and take full advantage of unique opportunities to reshape the industry landscape.

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