Free and Open Internet

In order to facilitate an Internet ecosystem that fosters innovation and fair and equal economic opportunity, ALLvanza advocates for a free and open Internet.

We advocate for an online environment that is free from blocking, throttling, paid prioritization, and other practices, both active and passive, which hinder Internet freedom. ALLvanza strongly supports an open Internet that is able to grow and expand at the speed of innovation.

Below is a list of key principles that ALLvanza advocates for that provide a foundation for a free and open Internet:

Transparency: Transparency is crucial to an equitable, open Internet for all stakeholders and therefore fair, comprehensive transparency standards must be established for both fixed and mobile broadband providers. These standards should ensure that providers disclose and make public their terms and conditions, network management policies and performance metrics across their footprint. Consumers should have a right to know this information about the services on which they spend their money.

No Redlining: Redlining is a discriminatory practice that perpetuates and amplifies the Digital Divide and therefore it must be expressly prohibited. Furthermore, fixed and mobile providers must be required to develop and deploy infrastructure in a way that serves everyone living in the United States equally, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or location, and not just to those able to afford premium services. ALLvanza focuses specifically on this issue by educating policy makers on the many ways that redlining can manifest itself in infrastructure deployment and how to create and pass smart policies to prevent redlining from taking place.

No Blocking/Throttling: Regulators should restrict fixed and mobile broadband providers from blocking and/or throttling competitors’, or anyone’s, devices, content, applications, or services as long as they are lawful.

No Discrimination: Fixed and mobile broadband providers should be explicitly prohibited from discriminating against safe and lawful network traffic.