By Rosa Mendoza, President and CEO, ALLvanza

Every Women’s History Month is an opportunity for reflection and commitment. We, at ALLvanza, reflect on the progress that has been made and we re-commit to not accepting anything other than complete equality in every aspect of our lives. 

We reflect on the countless female role models that have emerged and raised the glass ceiling bit by bit. At this time in our history, we have more female directors in the TV and film industry, more females in C-level positions, and more females in STEM fields than ever before. We reflect on the election of the most diverse, female Congress in U.S. history. It is clear that we are moving in the right direction and that is very important for the moral fiber of our country and for every other measurable facet within the economy.

However, despite the progress women have made on the road to equality, this is not a moment to become complacent. It is a time for commitment. More specifically, it is a time for everyone in our nation to re-commit to the cause of empowering women and ensuring equal opportunity for achievement in every industry, but especially in STEM fields, because the Internet, and more broadly technology, have become the catalysts for progress in every aspect of our lives. 

While reading recent articles published focusing on gender equality, there are many statistics that stand out. A Harvard Law study of women in C-level positions in the U.S. found that: 

“Since 2012, the Russell 3000 has seen a 70-percent increase in the number of female CEOs. Despite the relative increase, the number of top female executives remains disappointingly low, with only 5 percent of Russell 3000 companies having a female CEO in 2018.”

These statistics are emblematic of the main theme of this article. Yes, women have made significant progress professionally over the years. No, as a country we are not where we need to be regarding equality. It is easier to obscure the reality of the disparity with percentages, so to put it plainly, 150 CEOs out of the 3000 within the Russell 3000 are women. That is a paltry number. Along with being at the forefront of, for example, 5G deployment, it is our belief that the U.S. should also be at the forefront of ensuring gender equality in our corporate executive positions within all industries.  

Another statistic of note, specifically for the technology sector, is that: 

“Women make up almost 60% of the workforce in the States and only 25% work in tech, one of the most dominant and growing sectors.”  

Once again, this is another statistic that shows a serious lack of female representation in an industry that is crucial to our country’s ability to stay at or near the top of the global economy. Without women and members of underserved communities at the table, these industries will never be able to realize their full potential for growth that will only be seen if every perspective and idea is treated equally.   

At ALLvanza, we see these statistics from two angles. First, it is obvious that there is a serious lack of female representation due to years of gender inequality in our country that (hopefully) we are working collectively, across the aisle and religious and ethnic differences, to fix. Practically, we also recognize that in order to materially continue to change these number there needs to be a pipeline established of qualified, capable, and strong female leaders ready to step up when one of these executive level positions, or any position in technology, become available. We believe it is never too early to establish and begin to nurture the spirit of achievement in women, particularly Latinas and young women within other underserved communities. That is why we go into schools to provide information and inspiration to young people in underserved communities to try and be the catalyst to fill this pipeline with qualified women, particularly from underserved communities.  

ALLvanza welcomes those who wish to join us in our endeavor to fill the pipeline of candidates for executive level positions, in all industries, with women and members of underserved communities and during this month especially, come together and find ways to empower women and ensure equal representation within the technology and executive pipelines. 

Learn more about what ALLvanza is doing and how you can get involved in the effort to empower women by visiting our website and reading about our mission and programs.