ALLvanza is honored to partner with the Multicultural Media Correspondents Association (MMCA) for their 4th Annual Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner to bring to the forefront the importance of diversity in media. A crucial part of young people, and others in underserved communities, aspiring to obtain a role in media is to ensure faces from these communities are seen in front of and behind the camera, computer screen, etc.

There are several factors that keep members of underserved communities in the margins of media but ALLvanza knows the value of a diverse workforce and is proud to work with MMCA to showcase the progress that has been made in making media more diverse while continuing to re-commit to continue working until there is a completely even playing field.

ALLvanza works tirelessly to ensure every industry, especially those tied closely to technology, give every applicant and incumbent an equal opportunity for progress and success. We advocate at every level of the industry; inspiring young people, providing mentors for professionals, consulting with companies about their diversity practices, and working with members of congress to understand the issues at hand. We are thrilled to partner with MMCA on this event to take a night to celebrate the hard work that our organizations do and the progress we have made.


ALLvanza is thrilled to partner with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) as a part of their 9th R2L NextGen Program, which supports high school juniors and seniors from across the country to provide foundational tools for success, through knowledge, mentorship and new experiences.

One group that ALLvanza particularly focuses on is GenZ and we strongly support programs, like CHCI’s R2L NextGen, that prepare and empower young leaders, particularly from underserved communities, to succeed. These young people are perfectly aligned to ALLvanza’s mission and we look forward to supporting CHCI in this program.

ALLvanza engages in several activities to educate, empower and mentor the GenZ population such as:
Teaching young people how to leverage technology to be successful in our world that is continually changing with technology.
ALLvanza connects young Latinxs and other members of underserved communities with mentors in the technology and telecommunications industries and ensures they are able to build and leverage strong professional networks.
ALLvanza speaks at panels, workshops, summits, and other events directly to GenZ participants.
ALLvanza believes it is a mistake to think that a “technology job” is restricted to only technical professions such as software development and network engineering. There are many jobs in the technology field that don’t require specialized technical skills and ALLvanza aims to educate underserved communities and empower them to pursue a (re)defined technology job. We try to inspire young people to pursue these jobs and be successful on our technology-driven world