Broadband Accessibility

Everyone living in the U.S. should have a right to affordable, reliable broadband Internet and associated technology resources.

Without access to affordable, reliable broadband Internet on effectual devices, where one lives and works, Latinxs and other underserved communities will continue to find themselves on the wrong side of the Digital Divide.  Affordable, reliable broadband access is the cornerstone for underserved communities’ achievement and success in the modern Internet- and technology-driven world.  ALLvanza advocates for this essential, fundamental right for all people living in the United States.

Many in the Latinx community, as well as other underserved communities, find themselves making hard choices daily about whether to pay for food, medicine, and other utility services and are forced to forego vitally important services such as broadband Internet. Everyone living in the United States has a right to broadband Internet access and unless purposeful, smart policies are enacted, access to broadband Internet could be the racial and/or socioeconomic divider of our time. To that end, ALLvanza advocates for affordable broadband service plans offered directly from corporations for everyone in their footprint. We support the modernization and continued renewal of programs such as the Universal Service Fund, E-rate, and Lifeline. We also advocate for regulatory policies that promote equitable deployment of broadband to all communities, rural and urban alike.

Along with affordable and available Internet connections, underserved communities need devices other than smartphones to access online resources, such as laptop and desktop computers. Latinos, for example, have the highest rates of Internet access through phones and these devices are not ideal for serious computing to complete homework assignments, job applications, complete work tasks from home, and other activities. ALLvanza works directly with our corporate and other partners in the hope that one day everyone living in the U.S. will have access to reliable broadband Internet and be able to realize its full potential by utilizing fully capable devices.