Privacy and Trust

Along with broadband access and integration comes the need for pro-consumer, comprehensive and understandable privacy protections for all users of the Internet.

ALLvanza believes trust of going online, using apps, and other activities involving use of technology is earned and maintained over time. We advocate for comprehensive, understandable, straightforward personal and general data protections for all consumers communicated in the consumer’s language of preference. We are positioned at the forefront of the online privacy debate through our partnerships and periodic events where we discuss and analyze impactful developments in technology and telecommunications and specifically privacy and online safety topics.

ALLvanza believes that privacy and a clear understanding of one’s rights and protections is a critical part of broadband integration and therefore works tirelessly with all stakeholders including community groups, members of Congress, corporations, and other entities to advocate to ensure that privacy and online safety is developed in a way that protects all adopters and considers the unique nuances of Latinos and underserved communities.