Supporting Creation and Protection of Intellectual Property

The creativity and intellectual property of the Latinx and other underserved communities, and truly of all creators, must be nurtured and cultivated and in turn protected from theft and improper use.

When it comes to success in creative and digital arts in our Internet- and technology-driven world, Latinx and other underserved communities already face many barriers to success. The last thing they need is for their intellectual property to not be protected. To address this opportunity to advance, ALLvanza partners with industry experts to educate our constituents on the importance of protecting their intellectual property and the property of others through the copyright, trademark and patent processes. We also teach our stakeholders on how to initiate and navigate these processes.

Though we tend to focus our effort on designated underserved communities, protection of intellectual property is important to all members of the creative community. Creativity knows no labels or distinctions and as our name indicates, the ‘ALL’ in ALLvanza is truly to advocate on behalf of all members of the creative community to ensure their creativity is nurtured and protected.