Supporting Creation and Protection of Intellectual Property

The creativity and innovation of Latino and other underserved communities must be nurtured and cultivated. That means protecting creators’ intellectual property and ensuring it’s defended from theft and improper use.

When it comes to success in creative and digital arts in our innovation and technology driven world, Latino and other underserved communities already face many barriers to success. Creators from every background need to know their intellectual property will be meaningfully protected. To support emerging creators, ALLvanza advocates for strong IP protections that encourage and reward creativity and innovation. Piracy remains a persistent and growing threat to the creative economy. Streaming piracy has exploded alongside the widespread deployment of legitimate streaming services, and policymakers must ensure IP protections remain strong enough to meaningfully incentivize creativity – including diverse storytelling – that ultimately benefits all our communities.

Although ALLvanza’s work is focused on underserved communities, we know that protecting intellectual property benefits all members of the creative community. The ‘ALL’ in ALLvanza signals our commitment to supporting all members of the creative community to ensure their efforts at innovation are nurtured and protected. Creativity knows no labels or distinctions.