Diversity in the Technology and Telecommunications Industry

A diverse workforce has been proven to add value and accelerate innovation within a company. 

In the technology and telecommunications industries Latinxs and underserved communities are often completely overlooked; they continue to be underrepresented in positions of power, in the boardrooms and in the overall workforce. ALLvanza knows there are qualified, talented applicants from underserved communities, of all ages, who are motivated, ready and willing to take these positions if only they are given the opportunity. Furthermore, a diverse workforce has been proven to add value and accelerate innovation within a company. So not only is it the right thing to do, it makes sense relative to the bottom line.

ALLvanza fights for a more diverse workforce through:

Preparation: We educate and motivate Latinxs and members of underserved communities to persistently pursue technology jobs first through a foundation of STEM education in middle and high school classrooms and then in the hallways of higher education institutions. ALLvanza also works to prepare college students, from freshman to senior year, to fill jobs in technology fields by teaching young people how to create strong professional networks and making meaningful connections with companies looking to hire.

Transparency: ALLvanza believes in open, transparent hiring practices for corporations and organizations of all types. A diverse workforce is only achievable on an equal playing field. Companies must look for talent in diverse places where people from underserved communities live, work and spend time. Nepotism is a problem in corporate America that ALLvanza believes can be solved through transparency and accountability in hiring practices.

Consulting Services in Diverse Hiring: ALLvanza does not just talk about diverse hiring, we offer consulting services to directly to companies to help them hire qualified candidates from the Latinx and underserved communities, including veterans. We work closely with companies to understand their business and how to be best connect with qualified members of underserved communities to help companies increase the diversity of their workforce.