STEM Education

STEM education is the foundation upon which bright futures in technology are built.

Education is the key to Latinos and other underserved communities achieving economically, educationally, and in every other way. Similarly, pursuing education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is the key for underserved and under-represented communities to achieve success in innovation-focused industries.

ALLvanza focuses on empowering Latinos, and members of underserved communities, guiding them towards fulfilling and impactful careers in innovation-focused industries, ensuring they are prepared for the future job market.

ALLvanza works with Latinos and other underserved communities to:

  • Encourage individuals, of all ages, to pursue STEM education
  • Empower, mentor and prepare individuals to succeed in STEM fields
  • (Re)define technology jobs to fully convey the scope of career opportunities in
    the innovation-focused industries
  • Partner with key stakeholders to ensure Latinos and other underserved groups
    get the information, education, and tools necessary for entry into innovation-
    focused industries.
  • Create networking and mentorship opportunities designed to provide
    encouragement and build strong professional networks
  • Engage corporate partners to ensure they understand the urgency and
    opportunity of making their industries more inclusive, and advise them on
    tangible steps to make that a reality