Diversifying the Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications Workforce

We know diversity is lacking in the innovation, technology and telecommunications industry. We also know that diversity increases creativity, productivity, and profits. It is vital that industries so crucial to our country’s economic success leverage the proven benefits of diversity. ALLvanza focuses on empowering Latinxs and young members of underserved communities at every point in their path towards fulfilling and impactful careers in the technology, telecommunications and innovation sectors.

  • Empower, mentor, prepare and advance Latinxs in the STEM fields
  • Encourage Latinxs, of all ages, to pursue STEM education, certifications and other training to be successful in STEM fields
  • (Re)define technology jobs to fully convey the scope of career opportunities
  • Partner with key stakeholders to ensure Latinxs and other underserved groups get the information, education, and tools necessary to prepare them to enter the innovation, technology and telecommunications fields
  • Create networking and mentorship opportunities designed to provide encouragement and build strong professional networks
  • Engage corporate partners to ensure they understand the urgency and opportunity of making their industries more inclusive, and advise them on tangible steps to make that a reality

Veteran Transition/Translation of Skills

All too often, veterans find it difficult to transition from military service to civilian positions. Many of our veterans have highly sought-after skills and the discipline and drive to be successful in technology and telecommunications jobs. ALLvanza connects veterans with mentors who have successfully made the transition from the military to careers in the technology, telecommunications, and innovation fields. ALLvanza focuses on ensuring veterans get the guidance they deserve and helps to support smooth transitions from military to civilian life through culturally relevant education, advocacy, and job placement.

  • Ensuring veterans understand the importance of STEM education
  • (Re)define technology jobs to fully convey the scope of career opportunities
  • Connecting veterans with mentors in the technology and telecommunications industries who can provide encouragement and guidance
  • Helping veterans understand benefits they’ve earned by virtue of their military service

Programs’ Foundational Concepts

STEM Education

In order for Latinxs, and other members of underserved communities, to be prepared and qualified for innovation, technology and telecommunications jobs it is critical we continue to create a pipeline of candidates equipped with a robust education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Unfortunately, STEM education has been routinely under-prioritized in school systems that have predominantly Latinx and other underserved students.

To address this issue, ALLvanza employs a two-pronged approach:

First, we engage school officials, especially in underserved communities, to ensure they are aware of the importance of STEM education and encourage them to take the necessary steps to add STEM courses to their district’s curricula.

Second, we work with parents and students of all ages to help them understand the importance of STEM and get excited about the opportunities available through STEM education, including rewarding technical careers and lifelong hobbies.


(Re)defining Technology Jobs

It is a mistake to think that a “technology job” is restricted only to specific technical professions such as software development and network engineering. There are jobs in the technology and innovation industries open to individuals with technical skills at every level—from legal and creative services to construction and installation—and ALLvanza aims to educate our constituents and empower them to pursue a (re)defined technology job.

Program Mentors

Jose M. Hernandez



Fausto Guillen

US Navy Veteran 

Process Engineer at the Boeing Company Commercial Airplanes Division


Barbara Venegas-Donato

Senior Software Engineer 

3M’s Health Information Systems Division


Teresa Ramírez, Ph.D.

Program Manager 

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)


Darwin M Rivera-Ortiz



Mario Lozoya

Executive Director & CEO

Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC)


Eric T. Gonzalez

Naval Officer