ALLvanza is proud to have partnered with Univision Communications, Inc., Futuro RGV, the Census Bureau and other community leaders and organizations to educate the McAllen, Texas community about the importance of the census and about the new online option for completing it. It is crucial that everyone living in the U.S. participate in the census to ensure that opportunity-giving resources are fairly distributed throughout the country.

If underserved, and generally Hard to Count, communities are not counted and the census data does not reflect the true needs of our nation, underserved communities will not get a fair share of the monetary and other resources and will continue to lag behind in economic, educational and professional achievement.

Our nation thrives on innovation and producing high-quality goods and services, therefore we must ensure that everyone living the U.S. has the opportunity to succeed and become an innovator. Being counted in the census helps provide data to support the distribution of resources to communities such as infrastructure and education and helps ensure all communities share equally in the American Dream.