ALLvanza is encouraged by the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to begin a proceeding to consider opening up the 5.9 GHz band and to repurpose the lower 45 megahertz of the band for unlicensed operations like Wi-Fi, in order to ensure spectrum is sufficiently and effectively used. This decision is a crucial step for helping make the next generation of broadband infrastructure and Wi-Fi networks a reality.

The 5.9 GHz band is extremely valuable in supporting next generation Wi-Fi networks and associated technology. Spectrum is a scarce and valuable resource and it is important that it is managed as effectively, efficiently, and fairly as possible. The particular physical properties of this spectrum band allow for more comprehensive and reliable connectivity and greater data throughput, which could be crucial for next generation networks. Leveraging this spectrum band could enable life-changing and life-enriching technological advances, many of which haven’t been conceptualized of yet.

For too long, the 5.9 GHz band has been underutilized. It is encouraging to see Chairman Pai’s leadership in taking decisive action to begin this proceeding in order to make the 5.9 GHz band available to support future innovation that benefits consumers. And we look forward to this critical mid-band spectrum being available as quickly as possible. We are confident that the FCC will be able to balance transportation safety needs and innovation in any final decision it ultimately makes for the future of the 5.9 GHz band.