ALLvanza is proud to partner with the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School to educate and mentor women from communities experiencing inequality about learning and employing effective professional development skills to ultimately obtain a position and excel in an innovation and technology-driven workplace. ALLvanza works directly with these communities to achieve one of its main objectives, which is to increase diversity in the many innovative industries that heavily leverage new technology. We work closely with our partner organizations to provide would-be candidates with the confidence and know-how to pursue professional opportunities in these industries and this partnership with the Carlos Rosario school demonstrates ALLvanza’s commitment to this cause.

The mission of Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School’s Technology Academy, and that of ALLvanza, align perfectly for the execution of this program. Both organizations work to advance the skills of disadvantaged communities, particularly women, to leverage their strengths and further empower them, by providing professional development, so they may prepare, succeed, and excel in their careers and in a professional environment that consistently requires candidates to have broader and deeper knowledge of technology.

It has been shown that diversity drives innovation and value within companies and so this collaborative effort between ALLvanza and the Carlos Rosario school, which strives to increase diversity, is key for the future of a successful and innovative workforce.

As a precautionary measure due to COVID-19, for the safety of all involved, the educational workshops are being conducted online.