During difficult times we are reminded how important it is that our homes and local communities have the necessary resources to be able to deal with unprecedented, and unexpected, situations such as the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever it is extremely important that people have the opportunity to access telehealth resources to avoid exposure or work from home to avoid risking their health or that of others. But unfortunately, not all families and communities have the necessary resources to be able to protect themselves during these critical times.

The more resources a community has at its disposal, the more it is able to adequately respond to emergency situations. And one way to ensure every community has the necessary resources is to participate in the census. It can be done online, via phone or mail. It takes 10 minutes and every community that participates helps to inform the distribution of crucial resources for the next 10 years.

Please fill out the census form today and encourage everyone in your community to do the same. https://www.census.gov/